Kysar Keynote Award 2003 goes to Jon Cannon

Jon has guided our chor with remarkable skill, inexhaustible patience, insight and intelligence, bringing us to today’s self-sufficient organization.

Jon’s been both our anchor and our sails as we navigated some pretty rough seas. We’ve just been through what has undoubtedly been the most difficult period in the 60-year history of the Boeing Employees Choir.  It’s a good thing he didn’t know what lay ahead four years ago when he agreed to take on our leadership post — he probably would have backed away from the job.

But we lucked out.  Jon’s guided our ship of state with remarkable skill, inexhaustible patience, insight and intelligence, bringing us through the difficult transition of size and focus, evolving from a Rec club supported by Boeing to today’s self-sufficient organization.

In spite of a demanding work schedule and much travel, Jon remained the ablest of managers.  His board members marvel at his consensus-building, although sometimes we realize he is using a “velvet glove” approach.  We admire Jon’s political savvy, his ability to organize and his great sense of humor.

We like it that Jon heard the choir’s plea for more communication and now makes it a point to tell everyone what happens after the board meetings.  We look forward to his weekly words of encouragement at the break.  We are amazed at his ability to take a negative situation and put a positive spin on it.

We can’t forget all the effort he put in to making our last tour of Europe such a smooth success and a great memory for all of us. We can only guess how much extra work that put on his plate.

Thanks, Jon, for being our Rock of Gibraltar.  Thanks for helping us remembers that the good things we accomplish and the joy we bring to others is worth whatever we have to get through to continue on our mission.

The board unanimously supported Jon for the Kysar Keynote Award, saying the honor is long overdue.  As one of the nominators said, “I believe that as long as Jon is with us, there will always be someone we can depend on when we search for the positive approach to solving the issue at hand.”

This engraved music box plays “You are the Wind Beneath My Wings.”  We think it is very appropriate.