Keynote Award Winners (Historical)

2010-Non awarded, award renamed Keynote Award

2009-Amy Hughes for librarianship, graphics and longtime service

2008-Karen Jaeger and Curt Frank for support

2007-Tom Derbyshire for longevity record and serving as treasurer

2006-David Foss for leadership as president

2005-Norma King for her role in launching Sing for Life

2004-Dick and Sandy McElroy for their longtime devotion

2003-Jon Cannon for extraordinary leadership as president

2002 – Ron Dorband for marketing and photography, and John Purvis for support throughout the year

2001 – Dave Doering for securing our IRS Non-Profit status

2000 – Danete O’Neal for musicianship, and Lin Hughes for librarianship

1999 – Tom Pfaff for helping with the internal Boeing Web site, and Maurice Spencer for serving as treasurer for the Australian concert tour

1998 – Nancy Wright for obtaining our CD funding

1996 – Gloria Ball for serving as choir historian

1995 – Keith Hughes for serving as choir president

1994 – Dwight Griswold for serving as president and organizing our German concert tour.